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Why You Should Book Early for a 2023 French Riviera Summer Holiday

Summer in Europe is still months away, but it doesn’t mean you should wait to book your next summer getaway. Early bird gets the worm, er, great vacation. Is French Riviera on your list?

If French Riviera is on your bucket list, congratulations! You’re headed to one of the world’s most stunning summer destinations. Think of the endless stretch of azure coastline and shimmering yachts, mouth-watering cuisine, beautiful affluent towns, and the rustic Provençal culture. Doesn’t this entice you to book a summer vacation on the French Riviera as soon as possible?

Get the best seat possible for your preferred date.

Book early summer holiday at French Riviera

Since people start flocking to the French Riviera as early as spring, and if you book early, you can secure the best seats and most coveted spots for luxury boat charters. It’s no secret that boat charters fill up quickly during the peak season, and you don’t want to miss out on all the fun. 

In the summer, tourists from all over the world flock to the Mediterranean for a taste of the sun.

By booking during the winter, you can avoid the hassle of having to look for available charters.

You’ll have more time to prepare.

Book early summer holiday at French Riviera

The French Riviera is undeniably beautiful, with numerous charming coastal towns and beaches just waiting to be discovered. Needless to say, you will need time to prepare a great itinerary to make the most out of your summer holiday. If you book early, it’ll give you the chance to learn about the places you wish to visit, the modes of transportation that you might want to try out, the best cafes and restaurants, the currency, and so much more. Imagine if you’re short on time and have to figure out everything on your own once you arrive. What a hassle, right?

Pent-up demand after the pandemic.

Surely, travel restrictions are now a thing of the past. After being pent up in the house for the past two years, it is every tourist and traveller’s dream. And you are correct to believe that Europe is going to be jam-packed with tourists from all over the world.

Top European destinations are going to see record-high demand from Americans and other parts of the globe, and you may be out of luck if don’t book early. Therefore, make your move now to secure your spot in the world’s most popular summer destination.

Don’t miss out on the popular spots on the French Riviera.

Book early summer holiday at French Riviera

The French Riviera is home to popular attractions and activities. It will require early booking as they do get booked out fast also. Also, booking ahead of time saves you the disappointment of missing out on a lot of fun. Make a list of all the places and attractions that you want to visit, including restaurants and cafes, excursions, museum tours, events, island hopping, and yacht and boat charters – which the  French Riviera does fashionably well.

Book a Luxury 5-Star Boat Charter 

The French Riviera is the playground for the rich and the famous, the pinnacle of sophisticated luxury and jet-setting experiences undoubtedly. Anyone who’s planning a summer vacation to this southern part of France can up the ante by sailing the blue coasts of the dazzling Cote d’Azur. 

Let Rent a Boat by Hour put you in the captain’s seat on one of our sophisticated boats. Every guest is treated like a VIP. We have boat charters and cruises available for every occasion:

  • Full-Day Boat Charter

Also, explore the magical coasts and hidden gems of the French Riviera on a full-day boat charter. We’ll sail from our beautiful port in Port de Beaulieu and cruise to the famous David Niven Bay, where majestic villas belonging to the affluent people of the region reside. We have lots of places to visit while on board our 5-star luxury boat. The enchanting town of Eze, the breathtakingly crystal blue waters of Plage Mala, the unmissable Monaco, the magical Menton, and even going to Latte in Italy for a scrumptuous food that will fill your soul. 

  • Paradise – Island of Cannes

You don’t have to own a yacht to go to Cannes. You can rent one from us to take you there and mingle with the A-listers. Known for the International Cannes Festival, stunning beaches, and unabashed luxury, the Island of Cannes offers a high-profile charter destination. Besides from Port de Beaulieu, we’ll navigate to the must-see spots in Cannes: from the Old Port Town, to the unrivaled Billionaire’s Bay, the picturesque islands of Lerins Island and Saint Marguerite, and to its prominent Mediterranean restaurants. A lot of activities await you – snorkeling, paddleboarding, and lots of exploring around. You’ll end up finding little treasures and stories to take home with you. 

  • The “Riviera Classic” 4 Hour Boat Charter

Indeed, the classic boat charter that’s a hit by tourists from all over the world. From our starting point in Port de Beaulieu, we’ll bring you to the most exotic and distinguished spots. It will lead you to satisfy your sense of adventure. Want to go swimming or snorkelling? We’ll take you to David Niven Bay. In the mood for discovering interesting villas with fascinating stories? We’ll head to Villefranche. Then we’ll sail to the medieval seaside town of Bay of Eze and let you wander in this charming village. Plage Mala is next on the list, where you can spend lots of time by the ocean. We’ll then enter Port of Monaco, a place of glitz and glamour. Don’t forget to bring your cameras!

  • Romantic 2-Hour Charter

A romantic boat charter on the French Riviera is an iconic romantic destination that should not be overlooked, especially when planning a vacation with that special someone. Share a romantic moment with sumptuous sea views while on board our professional luxury boat, and sipping on a glass of champagne, compliments from us. It’s the perfect way to relive your love story or to take it to the next level if you’re thinking of an engagement proposal. 

Can’t wait to book your French Riviera summer or spring holiday in 2023? We can’t wait to see you too! Skip all the hassle and guarantee the best seat ever on the French Riviera’s best boat charter experiences. Book with Rent A Boat by Hour now, and relax as you wait for the new year. Unfold and unravel new beginnings.