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What is a day on the French Riviera like during Covid19?

A day in the french riviera during Covid19

What is it like being on holiday or living in the South of France in Nice or Monaco on the French Riviera during this crazy pandemic? For some, they might see this pandemic as a nightmare, but for other adventure junkies and boat lovers, it is still paradise.

Needless to say, whether you’re a tourist or a local resident in a covid red zone, it can be scary not knowing what will come next or whether you’ll be stuck at home for another month or two or maybe you’ll be sent to other countries for work-related tasks and risk your safety. We have no choice but to adapt to our new circumstances and to stay positive.

So what exactly is a day in the French Riviera like during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A public gathering of more than 10 people is not allowed.
We either postpone or celebrate special occasions with only the closest family of not exceeding 10 whose practicing social distancing. When bored at home, my dog and I go out for a stroll along Promenade des Anglais. It is a paved walkway along the coastline of Nice.

The rules around masks on the French Riviera during COVID-19
It is compulsory to wear masks on all forms of public transportation, plenty of shops and some public buildings. However at the time of writing this article it isn’t compulsory to wear one in public spaces like streets, beaches, parks, and gardens. Though advised, it isn’t compulsory – but I for one am not going to risk my health – so I recommend you wear one whenever you step out the door of your home (or rental).

Just to ensure avoiding breaking the law, it only takes a minute to check out the places you’ll be visiting require you to wear protective masks or not – so jump online and google it.

For an unforgettable escape – we recommend you head to the Nice-Ville station to Menton. It’s a forty-minute train ride with breathtaking scenery. In Menton, you can wander around the little lanes of the old town, marveling at its historical cathedrals and basking in the sun while hiking up the road to the Cemetery of the Old Château. If you have extra time before curfew it’s tranquillity is the perfect sanity reset.

Social Distancing on the French Riviera during COVID-19

Keeping a 1.5 meter distance and strict hygiene measures remain one of the best practices you will be asked to be followed. Frequent hand washing and sanitising has become a daily routine for most. I always remind myself to keep my distance especially when I spend my lunch time enjoying Monaco. If you have time, head to the very top of the city to see the botanical gardens and daydream amongst the gardens – while basking in the breathtaking views of the ever alive Mediterranean.

Limited Venues.
Netflix is boring on holidays, especially when you are just a quick escape to the museums, cinemas, and bars of Monaco. But knowing coronavirus can be lurking anywhere, it’s will be hard to find open venues to entertain yourself. Be sure to plan and book ahead to avoid disappointment. If possible, visit the stamp museum at Monaco and the infamous Casino de Monte-Carlo.

No sports matches or concerts. Referring to number one on this list, to minimise health risk, mass gatherings are still forbidden and will likely stay banned until October. So this is the time to watch the replays of those favourite matches and concerts.

Travel Certificate. If you’re in Paris, there’s an attestation in Paris Metro at a rush hour: 6.30am – 9.30am and 4pm – 7pm. You kind of has to provide a travel certificate that your journey is work-essential. Outside rush hour though, 7.30am-9.30am and 4.30pm-7.30pm, there is no requirement for a form. 

Acceptable reasons for travel during rush hour are:

  • Travel to and from work if your work cannot be done from home

  • Travel to and from school for pupils and a parent or carer

  • Travel to and from medical appointments if they cannot be made closer to home

  • Travel for urgent family reasons such as providing care to a child or vulnerable adult

  • Travel at the request of police or judicial authorities

In some cases, you will also be obliged to present a travel form from your employer which states your employment hours and proof that you cannot take your work at home.Some streets do not allow cars!

You have to always be aware of traffic rule changes – because there are some streets that are off-limits to cars. This is done for some café terraces to expand. Some streets are strictly for bike lanes only. Nice, Paris, and Cannes are the local cities that have applies these changes. So plan ahead and allow extra time to arrive at your destination when travelling by car.

So where is the one of safest places to be during this outbreak? It is out on the secluded water exploring the coast by boat of course. See the best views of the French Riviera by Boat. Rent a Boat by Hour offer Private Boat Charters and Self Drive Boats for both the Licensed and Un-licensed Traveller. So book a boat today at www.rentaboatbyhour.com and see the French Riveria safely.

France’s and surrounding locations’ tourism has been hit severely by this crippling pandemic. Whilst safety should always be first, you can help small businesses stand again and show support by traveling and exploring the marvelous spots and adventures that the French Riveria offers. Just be extra cautious and stay safe. We are all in this together.