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Ultimate Destinations for your French Riviera Summer

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Summer and the French Riviera are a heavenly match, where glitz, grandeur, and allure are perfectly embodied as golden rays blanket the region. The turquoise waters, serving as an ideal backdrop, complement the Mediterranean skies, best enjoyed from a boat.

With the arrival of the hot, sunny season, the French Riviera beckons as the quintessential summer destination of France. Here, unique experiences and sights await, ensuring a summer to remember for a lifetime.

Explore these amazing French Riviera summer spots


A perfect way to kick off your French Riviera summer trip is with a visit to the awe-inspiring allure of Menton. This place resembles a perfectly fitting puzzle piece with multiple villas coloured in shades of yellow, pink, and orange, and is overlooking the glistening coastline of the French Riviera.

Menton’s charms lie in its cuisine and colours at the French border with Italy. Indulge in the Italian culinary dishes found in cafes and shops along the brick streets. 

Are you a fine dining enthusiast? Discover Mirazur, a Michelin-certified 3-star restaurant in just a short walk. Its location sits perfectly in front of the seas, delighting your eyes and tummy at the same time. 


Known as a hub for A-list celebrities, Cannes certainly gives off royalty vibes you will enjoy. 

Walk along the Rue Saint-Antoine and Le Suquet to find the images of history etched in this old town, with restaurants, old churches, and a castle. For an enhanced experience, consider renting a boat to behold the crystal-clear waters of the Illes de Lérins firsthand.

As one of the French Riviera’s prominent beach destinations, Cannes boasts a wealth of sea attractions to explore. The idyllic sands of Ile Ste-Marguerite offer secluded coves for beach enthusiasts. Consider including a visit to Ile St. Honorat in your itinerary for upscale dining menus and organic wines.


Nice, the stunning Italian-inspired gem of the Côte d’Azur, is a must-visit for any traveller. 

Start your trip with a visit to Castle Hill for panoramic views of the boardwalk, sunset-bathed rooftops, and a maze of narrow, flower-lined streets in the Old Town. Then, explore the vibrant bistros and colourful houses that evoke the charm of Portofino.

Relish a leisurely summer afternoon people-watching at a café, indulging in local chickpea pancakes from a street vendor, and strolling along the Promenade des Anglais to join the sunbathers on the beach.


Antibes is yet another quintessential French Riviera summer destination, immortalised in the paintings of Picasso and the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald. It’s a destination for your artsy and creative self. 

Antibes draws visitors with its Picasso museum, opulent yacht marina, breathtaking Cap d’Antibes seafront, and charming Old Town with inviting restaurants, chic hotels, and striking 16th-century ramparts overlooking snow-capped mountains.

Gerald and Sara Murphy, expats with a flair for parties, are credited with popularising Antibes and the rest of the Côte d’Azur as a summer playground for the wealthy and creative.


Nestled between turquoise waters and wood-clad cliffs, Villefranche-sur-Mer is a picturesque town with ochre houses overlooking the bay. 

The Saint-Pierre chapel, decorated by Jean Cocteau, and the charming cobblestone streets have been featured in dozens of films, including Never Say Never Again with Sean Connery and The Jewel of the Nile with Michael Douglas.


Saint-Tropez, another French Riviera spot, is an epitome of transformation that brings about positive changes. 

Once a humble fishing village, Saint-Tropez has evolved into a magnet for high-profile celebrities and elites. With its stunning beaches, vibrant clubs, art museums, and numerous Michelin-starred restaurants, its grandiose image is undeniably making waves in the region.

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