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Monaco: Your Next Budget-Friendly Destination

Monaco, French Riviera

Would you believe me if I told you that a trip to Monaco, the “billionaire’s playground”, would fit within your travel budget?

You’d be surprised to know that it is indeed possible! But first, let’s find out what this seemingly unknown country had to offer.

Although it is the world’s second-smallest country, Monaco is loaded with glitz and glamour, from fancy high-end restaurants to million-dollar yachts docked down by the harbour. And, oh, we can’t forget to mention the casinos plus the annual racing showdown: Grand Prix. Along with its glimmering azure waters, captivating architecture, and warm balmy weather, one can assume right away it is a haven for the big spenders.

But, as previously stated, Monaco is not just a place for the luxurious. If you can’t afford the glam, the expensive cars and yachts, don’t worry: there are still places in Monaco that won’t need to break the bank to enjoy the many wonders of this captivating haven.

We present to you the top budget-friendly sights in Monaco!

Stop #1 | The Prince Palace of Monaco

Monaco is divided into four districts, each with its own distinct charm. As a newbie visitor, you should not skip Monaco-Ville as it is home to architectural classics such as the Prince Palace of Monaco – the official residence of Monaco’s sovereign prince.

The palace is open for visitors from the months of April to mid-October, every day between 10 am to 5:30 pm. From the duration of July to August, the palace remains open until 6:30 PM. The golden pedestrianised alleyways simply bring royalty and fantasy to life and is a must-see destination.

Stop #2 | Monaco Cathedral

Another amazing attraction that does not require a large amount of money is the Cathedral of Lady Immaculate.

Monaco Cathedral is an impressive monument made of limestone in Roman-Byzantine style that was built in 1875 in honour of Saint Nicolas. It also houses four keyboard organs that belt out hymns on feast days. Before visiting, be mindful of the several rules that apply here, such as the dress code, which they strictly implement.

Stop #3 | St. Martin’s Gardens

The St. Martin’s gardens are home to a variety of greenage and foliage including; pine, oak, myrtle, pistachio trees and many more. Even just a leisurely stroll will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. There are plenty of little seating areas, even a space in the middle of the garden that contains a pond.

The garden first opened as a ‘public garden’ in the 18th century and has long been a breeding ground for a diverse rand of Mediterranean flora and fauna.

Stop #4 | Monaco’s Palace of Justice

Monaco’s Palais de Justice is yet another offering that you shouldn’t miss visiting Monaco. Built in 1930 from Italian stones harvested from the seas, this neo-Florentine palace houses the Monegasque judiciary so visits and tours are not available.

Regardless, a picture tells a thousand stories – capture some great photos of the beautiful historical palace.

Stop #5 | Larvotto Beach

Looking to get a sun-tan and soak away all your stress in the Monacan sun? Monaco’s very own Larvotto beach might just be the perfect place for you.

Not all beaches are created equal, and this sure stands out. Your bare feet can pad with pebbles instead of the usual white, smooth sand. You can also enjoy the entire scenery with a backdrop of luxury apartment buildings situated along the coastline.

Will you hesitate to visit this European Island wonder now that you know the diverse range of low-cost activities there are to enjoy?

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