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Monaco Events You Shouldn’t Miss This 2024


Monaco, that glittering jewel on the French Riviera, isn’t just a playground for the rich and famous. It’s a whirlwind of events, a kaleidoscope of excitement, and in 2024, it’s turning up the dial to eleven! 

So, savvy French Riviera explorers, prepare to batten down the hatches as we introduce you to the hottest, most festive, and incredibly exciting happenings you absolutely can’t miss when you land in Monaco! 

The Printemps des Arts Festival 

Monaco, in itself, is an artistic masterpiece painted on the canvas of reality. It is fitting that it serves as the host for a distinguished gathering of artists and musicians from around the world—the Printemps des Arts Festival. Its 2024 edition, set to unfurl from March 13 to April 7, focuses on the beauty of the spot and its relevance to promoting the art and cultural scenery. 

As you visit Monaco, indulge in the musical ensemble played by some of the world’s renowned names in the musical scene. Now, that’s one way to turn your Monaco trip into an even more memorable escapade. 

Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters

Yearning for intense, nerve-cracking action on the clay? After treating your ears to captivating melodies, it’s time to dive into the excitement at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters (ATPTour) from April 6-14!

Tennis takes centre stage against the stunning backdrop of the French Riviera’s picturesque seaside, where the world’s top players engage in the ultimate battle for greatness. Rafael Nadal remains king of the Monegasque tournament, bagging 11 singles titles and a doubles trophy in Monaco. 

If that household name rings a bell, it’s a sign for you to take a seat and enjoy the thrilling action by the beach! 

Monaco e-Prix

While you’re familiar with the Monaco Grand Prix, there’s another racing spectacle that promises to make your heart race in amazement—the Monaco e-Prix. The 7th edition of this electrifying event is set to open its tracks on April 27.

This is no ordinary display of tactical speed and pace. This event shines a spotlight on electric vehicle innovations that champion sustainability, turning the Monaco race into a glimpse into the future of racing.

Monaco Grand Prix 

Get ready for the next thrilling stop – revving engines and popping champagne corks. Buckle up for the Monaco Grand Prix (May 10-12), one of the world’s premier racing competitions!

Picture this: Formula One cars tearing around hairpin turns, mere inches from the harbour, their thunderous roar echoing like a high-octane symphony against luxurious yachts. The air is electrified with adrenaline, celebrities strut in designer sunglasses, and champagne flows as abundantly as the Mediterranean tide. 

It’s Monaco’s pièce de résistance, a spectacle that’ll leave your heart pounding and your Instagram feed exploding, just like the speedy cars on the track! 

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Buckle up once more for the grandest race of them all, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, running through Monaco on May 23-26! 

One of the world’s grandest displays of motor racing excellence, the Monaco Grand Prix has earned a reputation as a hard-hitting race, where racers and teams tackle its narrow circuits and streets with precision and skill.

Household names and teams, including Max Verstappen from Red Bull, Charles Leclerc from Ferrari, and Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes, are set to grace this heart-pounding race towards greatness. Immerse yourself in the experience of a lifetime right from the comforts of your Monaco hotel!

Monte-Carlo Summer Festival

July and August are festive months at the Principality, as the Monte-Carlo Summer Festival takes centre stage! It’s also where some of the industry’s biggest stars perform and delight the cheerful Monaco crowd. 

It’s been around since 1974, and has lived up to its expectations–to make Monaco summers more festive than anywhere else!

Monaco Yacht Show

Our high-octane tour of Monaco’s 2024 events just got even more luxurious with the addition of the Monaco Yacht Show (September 25-28)! Brace yourselves for a dazzling display of the world’s most opulent floating palaces!

Think of it as the Oscars of the yachting world, but with more champagne, sunshine, and celebrities casually strolling around the corner. You’ll witness sleek vessels the size of small towns, sporting infinity pools, helipads, and private cinemas like something out of a James Bond movie. 

But here’s the beauty of your trusty boat rental with Rent a Boat by Hour–you don’t need a nine-figure bank account to join the party. Imagine sailing up alongside these behemoths, feeling the spray of the Mediterranean on your face as you admire their extravagant decks and envy-inducing amenities. 

Don’t just watch the yachting world from afar – dive right in with Rent a Boat by Hour. Book your private motor yacht, raise the anchor, and let Monaco’s magic wash over you. Bon voyage, and happy yachting!